Some Rdio staffers will lose their jobs during Pandora takeover

Documents released to California's employment department reveal 123 layoffs before the holidays.

A few weeks back, we reported that Rdio's collapse was going to hurt Sony, Roku and Shazam -- companies that it still owed money to when it went under. Now, VentureBeat has discovered that 123 of the defunct firm's employees are going to be laid-off between now and the end of the year. The information comes from a WARN disclosure, a legal document that gives the state 60 days notice before a mass-firing, that the company posted to California's employment department. New owner Pandora, meanwhile, has said that it'll offer 100 jobs to Rdio's former employees, mostly in the product engineering and licensing teams.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect that Pandora is not laying off Rdio's employees directly. Rdio has also provided the following statement.

"As is required by law, Rdio issued WARN notices of layoffs to all 123 employees in the United States. Pandora has announced plans to hire approximately 100 of our employees after the bankruptcy court approves the transaction and the deal closes, which means the majority of Rdio employees will continue having jobs."