Jeff Bezos' fourth tweet promises to #sendDonaldtospace

The only real problem is that we already know those rockets can come back.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

I've sent out plenty of Twitter replies to haters, but you'll have that after 38,000~ posts. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is relatively new to the service, and as such he has used one quarter of his tweets in responding to a Donald Trump tweetstorm. Trump claimed Bezos' ownership of The Washington Post is a scam, meant as a deduction to keep taxes down at his "no-profit" retail shop. Since Bezos, not Amazon, owns the Post and Amazon is (at least for the moment) profitable, this seems to be just another Trump statement that has little to no relationship with truth or facts of any kind. This evening Bezos fired back by bringing his third company Blue Origin into the fray, promising to reserve Donald Trump a seat. There's no word on if that seat comes with a return trip.