'Destiny' won't get big add-on packs in its second year

Don't expect expensive DLC in the 'Taken King' era.

Those reports of Bungie scaling back Destiny's add-on plans were apparently well-founded. The studio's Derek Carroll tells Eurogamer that the game's Taken King era will focus on events like Sparrow racing, rather than the "giant, monolithic" downloadable content packs that defined Destiny in its first year. Bungie isn't explaining why, but tipsters had previously claimed that this was necessary to give the team more breathing room as it worked on yearly upgrades.

Either way, you shouldn't anticipate any expensive content. Carroll suggests that the events you've seen so far, which are completely free outside of nice-to-have cosmetic add-ons, are a sign of things to come. That might be a bummer if you were hoping for a huge array of new maps and game mechanics in the months ahead, but you at least won't find yourself dropping tons of cash just to keep up with devoted players.