Google's Chromecast Audio beams music to multiple rooms

The $35 audio accessory just became a lot more useful.

If you're been eyeing Google's Chromecast Audio for your holiday shopping spree, Mountain View just added some new features to sweeten the deal. First, the $35 gadget now supports high-res audio with 96KHz/24 bit lossless playback. This means that if you have the proper audiophile-grade setup, you can expect to hear better than CD quality music coming through your speakers.

Next, and perhaps more importantly, you can use Chromecast Audio to create a multi-room system over WiFi similar to the likes of Sonos and others. As you might expect, you'll need one of the dongles in each room you plan to beam music to, but once they're in place, you can use the Chromecast app to group them. Once they're all connected together, simply cast the audio to your speakers just like you would to a single unit. To take advantage of the new features, update to the latest version of the Chromecast app on iTunes or Google Play.