Pepper the robot's latest job is in a train station

The robot is speaking French and literally doing 'The Locomotion'.

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Mat Smith
December 11th, 2015
Pepper the robot's latest job is in a train station

When it's not vaguely talking up Nescafe coffee or or telling you about a Japanese phone carrier's excellent data packages, Pepper the robot is in France, working at a train station. Starting this month in three stations, Aldebaran's humanoid 'bot will welcome guests both departing and arriving, offering train timetable information, as well as local tourist information. Three of the wide-eyed automatons will help staff French train stations for three months, ending mid-March 2016 when the French National Railway Company (SNCF) will decide whether to install Peppers in other regional stations. The robot will even (attempt to) collect those customer satisfaction surveys that we all loathe. But when it's administered by a robot, perhaps we'd be more likely to respond.

[Image credit: Wikipedia, Quoique]

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