Why not make a McNugget vending machine out of Legos?

Lego Mindstorms can build anything. Even this.

The answer? Because after about 15 minutes they're not nearly as good. That minor hiccup aside, the YouTubers at Astonishing Studios have created this to celebrate the glorious food-like item that is the chicken nugget. Built and automated entirely by Lego Mindstorms, it can identify and process the proper payment before dispensing a four piece package of McNuggets on demand, with sauce. It only holds a couple of cartons, but without any way to heat -- of course Japan has that figured out -- or cool them, that sounds about right.

Whatever you consider regarding the practicality of such a device, it could at least be a fun break in between prototypes of world-destroying robots. Check out the Astonishing Studios YouTube channel and website for other odd examples of what can be done with a few smart bricks and gears -- the post-video breakdowns explaining how things work are the best parts.