Google Now on Tap update helps you take Android screenshots

You no longer have to hold an odd button combo to capture your screen on Android.

To take a screenshot on an Android phone so far, you've typically had to press an awkward button combo -- or, worse, use a palm gesture. It's getting much easier, though. Google is pushing a Google search app update for Android that lets Marshmallow users take screenshots using Now on Tap. All you do is invoke Now on Tap and hit a share button to send it to your app of choice. This isn't a straightforward replacement for the hardware command, since it doesn't save images right away (you need to choose a destination first) and has a long delay. However, it's both easier to use and gets rid of the usual notifications mess. If you've ever wanted to show off your home screen or a new app without jumping through hoops, you'll want to upgrade as soon as you can.