Gmail's Inbox app makes it easier to share travel info

Quickly email the app's Trip Bundles and attach messages to an itinerary.

If you fancy Google's Inbox app to wrangle your Gmail, sharing travel details is about to get even easier. Mountain View is rolling out an update to the service that lets you attach those handy card-like Trip Bundles to emails with a tap. This should make giving colleagues, friends and family all of your travel info even quicker.

What's more, you can attach related emails to a trip with the "Move to" menu option and set a trip to be available offline. You know, just in case you run into an unreliable WiFi connection or need it while you're in the air. Inbox is also making it easier for you to share snapshots from the journey with easy access to recent photos and the ability to attach more than just one at a time. The new features are said to be rolling out this week, so you should be seeing the update soon.