NY Attorney General wants public to report broadband speeds

Stick it to your ISP, New Yorkers.

If you're a New York resident, here's your chance to tell the state government how bad your internet service really is. The state's Attorney General wants the public to test their broadband speeds and report the findings as part of an investigation into ISP speed and service claims. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman asked citizens to pitch in on Sunday as his office continues to examine whether or not the likes of Verizon, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision provide lower broadband speeds than what customers are paying for.

The investigation, which began in October, focuses on "interconnection agreements" or deals between internet providers that allow for data exchange. If you want to pitch in, the Attorney General's office set up a site that will test your connection and log the results along with connection details, location and the name of your service provider.

[Image credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images]