LinkedIn's revamped job listings are all about you

It's not what you know...


LinkedIn is revamping its job listings pages with new sections geared towards giving you more information on whether a position is right for you. Rather than simply listing a job description and similar postings, the new pages are personalized based on your LinkedIn profile.

The first change you'll notice is a prominent graphic showing you which employee created the listing and offering you the opportunity to send them an InMail (LinkedIn's name for a private message). Below the job description there's a module that highlights where recent hires have come from (i.e. which college they graduated from or companies they used to work for), and invites you to check out their profiles. There's also a "connections" section, which, as you'd guess, shows you employees at the company you have connected with through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn's new "meet the team" panel

Further down still is a "meet the team" panel that lets you explore a company's current employees, check our their skills, their alma maters, and previous work experience. As with all the changes, the idea here is that, if a job is right for you, you'll find commonalities between a company's hiring practices, its employees' skill sets, and you. It also seems to encourage you to reach out to people at a company before you apply, perhaps to ask what it's like to work there, or to put in action the tried-and-tested "put in a good word for me" tactic.

The changes are rolling out today to approximately 10 percent of LinkedIn users. That covers the US, Canada, UK, Australia and India, and will slowly ramp up as the site expands the redesign internationally next year.

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