Playdate: 'Star Wars' week celebration, episode one!

Tim and Sean look back at more than three decades of 'Star Wars' video games

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Playdate: 'Star Wars' week celebration, episode one!

Get ready for a week almost 40 years in the making: over the next five days, Engadget Playdate is all about Star Wars. The movies, the toys and, most of all, the video games. Join us as we trip over our nostalgia in preparation for The Force Awakens. We'll be revisiting the best of Star Wars gaming in chronological order, starting with the prequel trilogy's Republic Commando and Star Wars: Starfighter

Want some say in what we'll play next? Join us at 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific at and tell us what your favorite Star Wars game is. Not interested in joining in the discussion? You also watch the show on the Engadget Gaming homepage, right here in this post or, as always, in our archives at a later date.

Playdate: 'Star Wars' Week Celebration, Episode One!

[We're streaming these games at 720p though OBS, so rest assured they'll look much better on your PC at home.]
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