Your phone is a lightsaber in Google's desktop browser game

The latest 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' tie-in makes your smartphone work with your desktop.

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Since real lightsabers don't exist (yet), Google and the studios behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens are offering the next-best thing: A program that turns your smartphone into a lightsaber, which then takes out bad guys on your computer screen. Lightsaber Escape is live now -- open it in your desktop browser and then punch in the unique URL on your phone (or vice versa), and you're good to go. Your phone becomes a lightsaber handle and, as you move it around, the actual glowing sword moves on the desktop.

Lightsaber Escape is a Chrome Experiment that Google made in conjunction with Lucasfilm and Star Wars visual-effects studio Industrial Light & Magic. It uses WebGL for the 3D graphics, plus WebRTC and WebSocket for the real-time communication between your phone and desktop. It may be a Chrome Experiment, but this one works in other browsers, too.

If Chrome and Safari can get along, maybe there's hope for the First Order and the Resistance, after all.

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