Hyundai teases the Ioniq, its first all-electric vehicle

The Ioniq will arrive in gasoline-electric and plug-in hybrid models, too.

Hyundai is planning to officially debut its Ioniq EV next month, but there's something rather unique about the new model. Not only will it arrive in an all-electric version, but the automaker will have gasoline-electric and plug-in electric hybrid options, too. Hyundai says that this is the first time a vehicle will be sold with three different environmentally-friendly powertrain options to choose from. Today the company offered a second look, which includes interior and exterior renders, following the first teaser earlier this month.

Details are scarce for now, but Hyundai touts the sedan's "class-leading" aerodynamics with a "coupe-like" exterior design that minimizes wind resistance. Hyundai also says that it will use environmentally-friendly materials throughout the interior that continues the "elegant and clutter-free theme." We'll have to wait a bit to gauge those claims for ourselves, though, as the Ioniq will debut In Korea next month for before going on display at both the Geneva Motor Show and New York Auto Show in March.