Kim Kardashian cashes in with her own emoji app

If your friends use Kimoji, you'll know they're celebrity-obsessed.

If you know someone who lives vicariously through Kim Kardashian West's life of endless photo ops and reality TV shows, brace yourself: you're about to get an eyeful of her in your phone chats. She just released Kimoji, an app that (surprise) gives you over 250 Kim-related emoji and stickers for your messaging apps. There's even a keyboard, in case you need to slip that "break the internet" magazine cover into a conversation.

Naturally, Kim isn't doing this out of the goodness of her heart -- this is a profit-making endeavor from day one. You have to drop $2 to get the core app, and there are promises of additional packs that will no doubt cost extra. This isn't likely to be as much of a money pit as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but it could get expensive to keep up with the... yeah, you know.