Kim Kardashian cashes in with her own emoji app

If your friends use Kimoji, you'll know they're celebrity-obsessed.

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Kim Kardashian cashes in with her own emoji app

If you know someone who lives vicariously through Kim Kardashian West's life of endless photo ops and reality TV shows, brace yourself: you're about to get an eyeful of her in your phone chats. She just released Kimoji, an app that (surprise) gives you over 250 Kim-related emoji and stickers for your messaging apps. There's even a keyboard, in case you need to slip that "break the internet" magazine cover into a conversation.

Naturally, Kim isn't doing this out of the goodness of her heart -- this is a profit-making endeavor from day one. You have to drop $2 to get the core app, and there are promises of additional packs that will no doubt cost extra. This isn't likely to be as much of a money pit as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, but it could get expensive to keep up with the... yeah, you know.

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