Watch LeBron James' training on your Gear VR

Oculus and Samsung are launching a special VR experience for the Cavaliers' star player.

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Watch LeBron James' training on your Gear VR

Did you get a shiny Gear VR headset as a gift? If so, you already have something new to try with it. Oculus, Samsung and Uninterrupted are launching Striving for Greatness, a 12-minute Gear VR "experience" that shows what training is like for basketball superstar LeBron James. As with the Patriots' football practice, this probably isn't going to go too deep -- the teasers hint at a look-at-how-good-my-life-is vibe. All the same, it's worth a peek (in the Oculus Store or Milk VR store) if you're a hoops fan eager for some more immersion.

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