Japan gets Nintendo's 2DS in limited-edition 'Pokémon' colors

A wild portable console appears!

Pokémon will soon be 20 years old. But before you reach for another egg-nog, here's how Nintendo is really going to twist your arm with the strength of nostalgia and bright primary colors alone. It's announced four different 2DSes (two that'll be exclusive) to launch alongside its incoming Pokémon remakes (the Game Boy classics Red, Blue, Green and Pikachu Yellow) for the 3DS (and 2DS, of course). The red and blue see-thru models have already appeared in Europe alongside the launch of the last Pokémon title, but it'll be the first time the 2DS has appeared in Japan at all. Cheaper Nintendo handheld and a Pokémon game bundled in? Sounds like a license to print money to me. Let's just pretend that Yo-Kai Watch doesn't exist. The 2DS bundles will launch in late February.