Samsung is putting SmartThings hubs in its 2016 HDTVs

The TVs will be able to control connected Samsung and "smart" devices.

All the smart TVs in Samsung's 2016 lineup can connect to its SmartThings platform, the company has revealed. Even better, it equipped all the flagship TVs, which it calls SUHDs, within next year's product list with the IoT hub technology it snapped up in 2014. In other words, those SUHDs can connect to Samsung devices and all the SmartThings-compatible lights, thermostats, cameras, motion (and other types of) sensors you have in your home. The TVs will most likely be able to control them all through a single user interface.

The TV's hub capability, however, will be activated by region. Some people might not be able to take advantage of it until SmartThings expands to their location. That said, if you don't have any of those newfangled IoT devices but want to see what they're all about, you'd have around 200 SmartThings-compatible products to choose from. Samsung sadly didn't give out more details about the upcoming products other than they're IoT ready -- it mostly likely just wanted to drum up interest on a slow December day. The Korean manufacturer promises to reveal the lineup at CES 2016, though, and we'll be there to check it out for you.