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CES 2015: SuperTooth announces multiroom Bluetooth speaker system


SuperTooth, makers of Bluetooth accessories, like the SuperTooth HD speakerphone, has announced the Multiroom System. With up to five speakers connected by Bluetooth and controlled by an app for iOS or Mac, the Multiroom System streams music or any other audio from your device wirelessly around your home.

At US$299 for a three speaker set (one master, 2 satellites) and $480 for the five speaker set (one master, 4 satellites), SuperTooth is aggressively pricing the Multiroom System, making multiroom wireless audio more affordable than ever.

The speakers will have a range of 32 to 49 feet (10 - 15 meters) and will be linked via Bluetooth. The satellite speakers will automatically connect to the master speaker, so you'll only need to pair your device to the master speaker. All 5 speakers will deliver a combined 125 watts RMS. The app will control volume, stereo or mono placement and equalizer.

However, with the product just being announced there are some unanswered questions: Will each speaker be able to support unique audio? What quality of audio will the Multiroom System support? These are just a few.

We'll hopefully get our hands on the SuperTooth Multiroom System in the coming weeks for a full, hands-on review.

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