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Samsung will soon let you download 4K movies


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The few 4K video services that exist right now typically require that you stream whatever you're watching -- not very practical given the subpar state of broadband in some areas. You won't have to settle for a mere 1080p for much longer, though. Samsung is teaming up with its frequent media partner M-Go to launch a 4K movie-download service that uses the UHD Video Pack hard drive to store those extra-sharp blockbusters and dramas. Supposedly, it'll offer the "highest quality content" that Samsung owners can get. It's all engineered to a spec designed by the Secure Content Storage Association -- a digital DRM team up backed by Western Digital, Fox and Warner Bros -- although what those specs aren't isn't quite clear yet. The company hasn't said when you'll get to try this Ultra HD offering beyond a generic 2015 window, but it'll work with both SUHD and regular UHD sets.

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