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Sling TV to stream ESPN, TBS, other networks on Xbox One


Dish Network has announced that the Xbox One will be the first console to receive its new Sling TV media service.

Revealed yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sling TV offers viewers access to live streams of popular networks including ESPN, Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, HGTV and the Food Network, among others. It does require a $20 per month subscription fee, but that's a far less expensive option than signing up for a cable subscription package for those who don't care about the all those other channels and just want to watch Sportscenter or whatever delightful cooking program Alton Brown is hosting this season.

Notably absent from the Xbox Wire announcement is any word on when Sling TV - which is currently in closed beta testing on PC - will reach the Xbox One. Instead, we are told it will arrive in "the coming weeks."
[Image: Microsoft/Dish Network]

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