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CES 2015: ADAM wearable monitors asthma via app


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asthma affects over 25 million adults and children in the US alone, and is responsible for 14.2 million physician visits each year as well as 1.8 million emergency care visits. With that huge - and growing - population of asthma sufferers and the associated costs of treating the disease, monitoring and managing asthma is quickly becoming a necessity. Health Care Originals highlighted its ADAM (Asthma Detection And Monitoring) wearable and app at CES 2015, a system designed to detect symptoms of asthma, provide alerts, and more.

ADAM uses a small wearable patch to detect coughs, monitor respiration and heart rate, and listen for wheezing. The device and app are expected to ship in the second quarter of 2015. By that time it's expected that the sensor will also be able to monitor inhaler use, provide alerts of impending asthma attacks, let patients forward those alerts to their primary care physician or specialist, track and trend symptoms, and even provide treatment plans.

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Need a reminder to use your inhaler or take other prescribed medication? The ADAM app will provide you with reminders. All data that is generated by the sensor and captured by the app is kept in HIPAA-compliant storage, and the company is looking into integration with HealthKit as well.

ADAM is yet another example of how app-connected devices are beginning to revolutionize health care, hopefully reducing both patient visits and the cost of treatment.

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