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Dark Souls 2 prepares for expansion with free update


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To prepare existing copies of Dark Souls 2 for the additions coming to the dark fantasy game in the Scholar of the First Sin expanded re-release, From Software will issue a free update on February 5.

The list of changes included in the update is immense, but highlights include improved loading times on the PlayStation 3, longer-lived white phantoms, more consistently useful rewards during multiplayer combat, new item flavor text and the addition of the titular Scholar of the First Sin character. For a comprehensive list, see Bandai Namco's Tumblr.

Since there are so many changes included in this update, the Dark Souls 2 servers will be brought down for maintenance on February 4 at 9AM EST. Barring any technical problems, the servers should be back up and running by 12PM EST. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is scheduled to launch on April 7.
[Image: Bandai Namco]

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