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Bellabeat Leaf activity and health tracker can also monitor reproductive cycle


There was a time when "gadgets for women" were silly novelty items or pink-colored, Swarovski-covered versions of existing devices. Well, OK, those still exist, but at least there are now decent gadgets for women with features we actually need, like Bellabeat's Leaf. The Leaf isn't even available yet, but the huge pre-order sales (where Bellabeat earned $1.2 million in revenue) prompted the startup to add a new feature: the capability to track your reproductive health. Leaf will be able to monitor and notify you about your ovulation, contraceptive intake and incoming period, making it a valuable tool for those who want to conceive (and those who don't). A lot of existing apps out there can already do those, of course, but if you're already thinking of getting this device, that's a nice plus.

Bellabeat's Leaf, which was announced last year, is part of a trio of wearables designed for women, including Shell for expecting moms, and a smart scale called Balance. It's a metal leaf mounted on wood that can be used as a bracelet or a pendant. In addition to being able to monitor reproductive cycles, it can also track activities, steps, calories burned and even sleep. The company already sold 65,000 devices via pre-order, which isn't open at the moment, but it plans to bring its products to US retail stores this first quarter.

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