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Pix the Cat to loop Steam users into its combo fever this month

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Pix the Cat, a frantic score-chaser that plays as a blend of Pac-Man and Snake in its central Arcade mode, will weave its way onto Steam later this month, developer Pastagames announced earlier this week. A starting price has yet to be offered, but to lend a sense of what to expect, Pix the Cat is currently a $16.49 cross-buy purchase for PS4 and Vita on the PlayStation Store.

Beyond its timed, combo-driven Arcade mode, Pix the Cat offers Nostalgia, Laboratory and Arena gameplay types. Nostalgia is a black-and-white challenge of collecting ducklings, but unlike Arcade mode, a round ends when players run headfirst into walls or trip over their trail of ducklings. Laboratory is a slower burn, shifting its focus from blazing-fast clear times in favor of puzzling challenges. Lastly, Arena is a four-player coliseum-style battle affair, equipping contestants with tricks like missiles and mines to help them blast opponents out of the competition.

Pastagames' announcement also notes that Pix the Cat has made its way into "more than a million houses" since it was offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers in October.
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