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This art dealer wants to hang an indie game on your wall


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Dutch art dealership and gallery Cook & Becker has been selling fine art prints from video games for a few years now. Thanks to partnerships with companies like Capcom, Naughty Dog, DICE and BioWare, it's offered artwork from critically acclaimed titles like The Last of Us, Mass Effect, Okami, and Mirror's Edge. Now, it's wooing indie developers into its ranks with a new initiative called the Cook & Becker Indie Program. The first fruits from the effort came last month with the release of artwork from Ronimo Games' Awesomenauts, and it's signed deals with both Vlambeer and The Astronauts -- Ridiculous Fishing and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter prints are coming soon.

The company is sending out a call to all indie developers, telling them to get in contact to offer prints through the program. It also says it's created a module that will allow devs to offer artwork through their own websites while it "takes care of all the stuff behind the scenes."

We're pretty big fans of Cook & Becker here at Engadget. It produces high-quality stuff at not-completely-outrageous prices, and has a good range for most budgets: you can pick up smaller artworks - its latest collection of Dragon Age: Inquisition prints, for example -- for under $100, go all out with a limited-edition 6-foot-wide Mass Effect print for $2,500 or settle for something in-between. No word yet on exactly when the Ridiculous Fishing and Ethan Carter prints are coming, but we're definitely keeping an eye out.

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