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Stiq Figures, January 19 - 25: All-time favorite game edition

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I've used my time with Stiq Figures to ask you about your favorite specific elements, moments and quirks from video games, and reading your responses has become to feel like a weekly check-in with a bunch of gaming-oriented friends. With this being the final edition of Stiq Figures however, it's time to focus on the obvious question: What's your all-time favorite video game?

I'd love to hear your reasoning, but don't worry about justifying your selection to any of us – this is all about the game you love or enjoy the most, even if it's an unconventional choice. For one last time, lure me (and hopefully others) to games I normally wouldn't try by using Stiq Figures as a platform to broadcast passion for your favorite games.

Thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts with us for all these months, and before you do it again, be sure to check this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!

New 3DS LL: 20,065 [DOWN] 5,234
Vita: 14,991 [DOWN] 1,832
PS4: 13,793 [DOWN] 1,687
PS3: 8,600 [UP] 1,564
New 3DS: 8,028 [DOWN] 1,888
Wii U: 7,088 [DOWN] 1,806
3DS LL: 3,882 [DOWN] 894
3DS: 3,287 [DOWN] 951
Vita TV: 589 [DOWN] 93
Xbox One: 259 [DOWN] 41
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