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BioWare cancels 'Shadow Realms,' its first original game in six years


Well, that was quick. Six months after its debut, BioWare's announced it's canceled its online action-RPG, Shadow Realms. The Austin-based studio isn't moving forward with the four-versus-one PC game because, as the studio's general manager Jeff Hickman tells it, it's working on other things at the moment --including the next Mass Effect, add-on content for last year's Dragon Age: Inquisition and the team's Star Wars online RPG, The Old Republic. As GamesIndustry notes, that last title might attract new players given this December's release of The Force Awakens. Don't fret if you signed up for Shadow Realms' closed alpha, though, as BioWare says it's working on a reward for your trouble.

In addition to all the above sequels and additional content it's working on, the Texas team apparently has its hands in something new, as well. Could it be what the outfit teased last E3? Perhaps. We might not have long to wait until we see it, though -- the Game Developer's Conference is in early March immediately followed by PAX East and then E3 in June.

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