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JXE Streams: Creeping through 'Darkest Dungeon'


We're back! Like clockwork, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon you can expect Joystiq X Engadget streams on Twitch, and today is no different. I'm jumping into Darkest Dungeon, a game only available on Steam's Early Access program right now -- I'm told it's both excellent and scary as hell. Given that, I'm going in completely blind and learning as I go. Won't you join my expedition into the mouth of madness? I sure hope you will! The pre-show kicks off just ahead of our official 3PM ET start time -- head blow for the stream and comments, or head to our Twitch page right now and follow along so you know when we're streaming any time of the week!


[We're playing a Steam Early Access build of Darkest Dungeon on PC, streamed through an Elgato Game Capture HD with Open Broadcaster Software at 720p. The game itself is much, much prettier.]

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