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Find your pals in a crowd with this flashing phone app


We've likely all been there: you're at a concert or some other crowded public space and maybe it's too loud to talk on the phone or you don't have cell reception to send a text. How're your friends supposed to find you? Well, if you use LookFor, all they'd have to, erm, look for, would be your phone's flashing screen. As you'll see in the video below (or the GIF above) the app relies on fullscreen blinking colors to help you stand out from a gaggle of bystanders. Just hold your device in the air and try not to feel too self-conscious while you do it, and getting together with buddies should be a bit easier. As CNET notes, however, should the $0.99 Android and iOS app gain popularity, the six pre-packaged colors might not be enough to keep you from accidentally converging with the wrong group of people. If that does happen, at least you'll still have another sweet mobile-rave option at your disposal.

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