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JXE Streams: Diving blind into 'Life is Strange' from 'Remember Me' studio


It makes sense to stream the debut episode of Life is Strange with only barebones information about the game -- after all, life itself is often a blind stumble through odd and surprising events. I'll go live, solo-style, with Life is Strange at 3PM ET today at This is poised to be a weird one, featuring a coming-of-age narrative and a sci-fi twist: The main character, Max, has the ability to stop and move through time at will. She returns to her hometown to find a mystery involving a missing girl and Max's own former best friend, who has grown colder and more reckless. Get ready for angst, teenage rebellion, friendship lost and regained, and crazy time travel. So far, developer DONTNOD (Remember Me) has emphasized both the sci-fi and emotional plot points equally. Life is Strange -- let's find out how strange together from 3PM - 5PM ET.

JXE Streams: 'Life Is Strange'

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