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RBS and NatWest add Touch ID login to their banking apps


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If you manage your personal finances from a smartphone, you'll be familiar with the tiresome verification procedures that banks use to double-check your identity. To make everything a little simpler, RBS and NatWest are introducing Touch ID support to their iOS banking apps tomorrow. So rather than punching in a long-winded passcode, you'll just need a fingerprint to log in to your account. The feature is entirely optional though, so if you're worried that Touch ID isn't quite secure enough to protect your lifelong savings, it can easily be disabled on your iPhone 5S, 6 or 6 Plus. More importantly, the BBC reports that some in-app features will still require additional verification and, similar to contactless credit and debit cards, there will be an upper limit for new payments. So even if a crafty crook copies your fingerprint, most of the app should remain under lock and key.

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