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Vine will now load videos faster on iPhone -- even when you're offline


Vine's iPhone app is getting some major speed upgrades today. With its latest update, Vine will now preload videos even before you launch the app, which also makes some videos available when you're offline. Yes, that means you'll actually be able to check out Vines even when you're on the subway. To help make all of that possible, the company is now moving over to smaller video sizes (likely due to better compression), and it's implemented network caching, which stores videos for offline viewing. Specifically, the Vine app will now preload videos from your timeline and the Explore section, as well as your activity notifications. And yes, Android fans, a similar update is coming your way soon.

We've seen apps like Pocket and Evernote automatically download text in the background, but Vine is one of the first video apps to offer something similar. Let's just hope it doesn't suck up too much bandwidth in the background.

Below, you can check out a comparison of how the old Vine app loaded when it was offline (left), and the new app on the right.

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