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Square's 'cashtags' turn a custom web link into a tip jar


We hope you didn't just get some business cards printed, because you're going to want a new set. Square already simplified card payments with its phone-based swipe widget, and allowed businesses to take money through its Cash app. Now, it's introducing another way to fill (digital) wallets: "$Cashtags." Choose your own tag ($jondoe for example) and then anyone who wants to throw some money your way can just go to$jondoe and securely wire you the green. Square has also just opened the Cash app to all US businesses (with a 1.5 percent transaction charge).

The ease of being able to quickly claim a tag and then share it makes this an obvious boost for things like generating cash in emergencies (say, after a natural disaster). It'll also help out those just looking for a memorable link to receive payment for goods and services. Of course, this isn't to be confused with the (to be fair, definitely confusing) stock tags that Twitter introduced a while back (basically hashtags with a dollar sign for stock info). Want to claim your perfect $Cashtag? You'll need the square app, and a little imagination. Just be sure to choose something easy, else $johndoe will be getting all your bunce.

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