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Xbox One is finally getting voice messages


Among the many improvements of moving to a new console generation, the Xbox One left a few features from the Xbox 360 behind. Now, Microsoft is testing a preview for its April update that brings back one of the most requested features: voice messages. As annoying as voicemail can be on a phone, simply saying a quick message while trying to coordinate a raid in Destiny can often be faster than typing it with a controller or even the SmartGlass app. One more bonus? The voice messages will work across Xbox One and Xbox 360. The software update with the feature is already available to preview members, check after the break for more details and a demo video.

Microsoft already rolled out tests for better Achievement notifications and game hub pages, and it has a few more features on the way. Dedicated servers for party chat should make keeping a group together easier even when one person has networking issues, and its "What's On" page that highlights TV shows, game streams and other content is expanding from the US to the UK and Canada.

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