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The (damn cute) winners of 11th Annual Engadget Awards: People's Choice


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The votes for the 11th Annual Engadget People's Choice Awards have been tallied and the winners are in. As is always the case, there were some very polarizing products on the ballot and many of the honorees won by a very small margin. But the real winners this year were the cute and adoptable puppies at the San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SFACC) shelter. The only thing we love here at Engadget more than true innovation is man's best friend, so we teamed up with the SFACC for a special awards ceremony. Early last week, a set of the most eligible animals in San Francisco accepted "trophies" on behalf of the companies that created your favorite gadgets and software of 2014. To find out who took top honors check out the video above, and to take home one of our special guests, please visit the SFACC for more information.

Gallery: 11th Annual Engadget Awards: People's Choice winners | 12 Photos

And check back this afternoon to find out what won this year's Editors' Choice awards.

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