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Twitch's mobile update makes multitasking easier


We get it, you're a busy person. Game-broadcasting outfit Twitch understands too, which is why it's brought some new features to its mobile apps. In a move that benefits everyone (assuming that "everyone" means Android and iOS users, exclusively), the application's getting a persistent player window. That means you can fire up a stream, have it play and look for another that might suit your fancy more all at once. Not a fan of what's playing? One swipe and it's gone. Yup, it's a lot like how YouTube's mobile apps work. And speaking of Google, fans of its mobile OS with newer devices have a feature to call their own (for now): audio only mode. This allows you to listen to just the commentary from your favorite broadcasters while the app runs in the background or if your screen is locked, controlling everything via system notifications -- no foolin'.

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