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JXE Streams: Life gets weirder in 'Life is Strange Episode 2'


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Last time we played Life is Strange here on JXE Streams, Jess Conditt learned some hard lessons about being a teenager. First off, it isn't easy to reconnect with old friends after a long silence. Second, bullies come in all shapes and sizes in the Pacific Northwest. Finally, discovering the ability to travel through time is awesome, stressful and seems to entail horrible visions of your hometown getting destroyed by inclement weather. A little older and a little wiser, we're ready to dive back into the adventure and puzzle solving of Dontnod's so-called life. Join us for Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time on today's stream and you might get a free Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC game out of it.

We'll be streaming Life is Strange Episode 2 starting at 3PM ET on and right here in this post. Tune into the chatroom on during the stream and keep an eye out for the free download codes for the game on PS4, XB1, and Steam we'll be dropping in there occasionally.

Dig the stream? Bookmark to see what's coming up on the show and follow us on to know whenever we go live.

[We're playing Life is Strange on PC streamed at 720p.]

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