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easyJet's iOS app is now your personal guide to Gatwick


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easyJet already has a mobile app that many airline peers would do well to take inspiration from. Beyond storing electronic boarding passes, the app lets you manage bookings, track flights and even check in using a photo of your passport. The low-cost, tech-savvy airline has made its app that much better today, though, with new features that'll guide you through every step of a journey from London's Gatwick airport. Prior to departure, the app will prompt you to check in and remind you of your baggage allowance, but the so-called "Mobile Host" really kicks in when you get to Gatwick. Once it sees you've arrived, a push notification will tell you where to dump your bag, and direct you there using indoor maps courtesy of Google. If you're just taking carry-on, then it'll point you towards the departures area instead, and once through security, you needn't keep your eyes glued to information screens, since it'll let you know when your gate opens and how to get there.

And when you get back from your trip, sunburnt and rested, Mobile Host will pipe up again and tell you what baggage carousel you need to head to. This new functionality is now live within easyJet's iOS app, but the airline said there are no current plans to bring the feature to Android. There's a very good chance that it'll expand beyond London Gatwick, however, with easyJet saying "we are looking at this for numerous other airports across our European network."

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