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Quirky wine rack could refill itself using Amazon Dash


Do you wake up in the middle of the night, soaked in cold sweat and frantically worrying, "Oh God, is my wine rack sufficiently full?" Well, fear not, because this automated wine rack from Quirky not only keeps tabs on your vital vino supply, it could even automatically restock its cellar when you run out of wine. The Poppy Reserve, as it's called, is a two-part system consisting of a smart rack and its associated app. The semi-autonomous wine rack comes packed with temperature, weight and humidity sensors. That way it can monitor how much wine you have left as well as whether they're being stored under the proper conditions.

The Poppy Reserve app could serve as equal parts sommelier and wine assistant with the ability to track your favorite brands, styles or reserve years as well as suggest new ones to try. And by assigning specific bottles to each numbered rack slot, the system could even incorporate Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service to automatically replenish your stock when a bottle runs dry. Though, given that this project is still firmly in the vaporware phase of its development, it's also fair to say that it could eventually incorporate laser cats and rocket thrusters. The idea is currently under Expert Review at Quirky, though there are no set plans to produce it.

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