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New VR game lets you be the bullet


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Remember Superhot? It let you dodge bullets by controlling time à la The Matrix, but a new VR game takes that premise even farther by making you the bullet. Drift is a game for Samsung's Gear VR, developed by a pair of programmers during the course of Oculus' Mobile VR Jam. The idea is pretty simple: after a bullet is fired from a gun, your viewpoint changes to its trajectory. Time is considerably slowed down and you can alter the bullet's path by looking left or right. You move around the bizarre orange environment past the crash test dummy-like characters until you spot your target: the green guy.

It reminds us a bit of the iconic intro to Lord of War, which tracks a bullet from fabrication to kill. Drift is more of a gangster take on the idea, and lets you refine your search using red "trails" left behind from previous failed attempts. Players can also seek bonuses to unlock achievements and get improved slow motion control. The developers chose the orange and white LoFi look to suit the mobile constraints of the Gear VR, but told Polygon they're considering an Oculus VR PC version with better quality. They plan to expand the idea with new environments "to make a more complete and challenging experience," but if you happen to have a Gear VR, you can try out the beta right now.

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