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Apple Watch support is coming to IBM's enterprise apps


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For the past year or so, Apple and IBM have collaborated on the MobileFirst for iOS project, a series of 22 enterprise-specific apps for iOS. These apps are designed to help service professionals better perform their duties but for some, constantly fishing out a phone or tablet to access those apps actually hindered their efforts. That's why Apple announced through its website today that three of these apps -- Hospital RN, Field Connect and Incident Aware -- will now work on the Apple Watch.

Essentially, this new functionality transfers the app's push notifications from the user's mobile device to the Apple watch. In the case of Hospital RN, for example, those notifications "will alert nurses to review new display patient requests, changes in lab status, safety alerts, and prioritized task lists for immediate action disposition," according to the Apple website. And for Field Connect, which allows field technicians to better coordinate their efforts, these pushes can provide "late-breaking news on severe weather, outages, hazards, and crew member information." The same goes for the law enforcement-focused Incident Aware app. Of course, these are the same notifications delivered the phone or tablet-based versions...just pushed to Apple Watch. More MobileFirst apps are likely to follow suit in the coming months.

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