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Clip-on adds gesture control to Pebble Time and Android Wear watches


Aria is a small add-on that clips underneath a smartwatch band and lets you control the device with finger gestures. It's an accessory for an accessory, which sounds kind of ridiculous, but it's not like you have a lot of choices when it comes to adding gesture control to your gadget anyway. The remote control-like clip-on can access any feature you'd usually access through the touch screen or the watch dial, completely freeing up your other hand for tasks like eating, drinking or talking on the phone. Possible gestures include tapping, flicking your fingers, and closing and opening your hand -- you can configure it all through its companion app.

Aria connects to a smartwatch via Bluetooth Low Energy, and it doesn't need a battery of its own. Its designers created two versions of the accessory for Pebble Time and Android Wear watches, and they plan to put a campaign up on Kickstarter within the next few weeks. The Android Wear version will cost you quite a bit at $169, since it was created specifically for developers. If you own a Pebble Time, though, you'll only have to pledge at least $69. According to TechCrunch, the clip-on can also control iPhone and iPad apps, but It won't work with any Apple Watch, even if it's the fancy 18K gold kind.

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