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Lego's 'Minecraft' competitor is real and ready to download


Yes, those rumors of Lego building a direct competitor to Minecraft were true: meet Lego Worlds. The sandbox game has launched on Windows through Steam's Early Access program for $17, and promises to do more than just let you sculpt buildings and fight off critters. You can alter the terrain on a large scale, and access ready-made drivable vehicles (including dragons) to get around the procedurally generated landscape. Not too surprisingly, there's also a big tie-in with Lego's real-world plastic bricks. You can play using a handful of old-school and current Lego sets, and more are promised down the road. Don't be surprised if you're eventually buying digital blocks at the same time as their physical counterparts arrive.

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This less-than-finished version doesn't have much in the way of sets, and it's missing a few features that Minecraft veterans would take for granted. Multiplayer won't arrive until a future update, for one thing, so you won't be building masterpieces with a friend's help. Still, Worlds is likely the game you were always expecting Lego to make in response to Mojang's smash hit -- it's not just an obvious promo piece like those Lego Minecraft kits that shipped a couple of years back. If you've been jonesing for a different take on construction games, you'll probably want to give this a try.

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