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JXE Streams: Welcome to the 'Jurassic Park' extravaganza


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Some people saw the trailer for Jurassic World and thought, "That looks stupid. Andy from Parks and Recreation riding a motorcycle alongside a team of velociraptors? What's become of our beloved movies about dinosaurs trying to eat Jeff Goldblum?" That's not what we thought here at JXE Streams. We thought, "That looks stupid. Stupidly awesome." Unable to contain our excitement for the new movie any longer, we're streaming two old-school Jurassic Park games back to back starting at 3PM ET/12PM PT.

Tune in right here in this post or at to watch two solid hours of antiquated dinosaur action. Do you want to help us build our very own dino park in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for the original Xbox? Then come chat with us at! Want dinosaurs even more ancient than that? Stick around for Jurassic Park for the Sega Genesis afterward.

[We're streaming retail versions of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis for Xbox and Jurassic Park for Genesis at 720p through an Elgato HD via OBS.]

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