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'Star Fox Zero' blasts to Wii U this year


Fox McCloud is coming for your Wii U later this year in Star Fox Zero. Nintendo announced as much during its E3 YouTube broadcast. It has the classic elements you remember (campy dialogue, barrel rolls) with a number of new ones. Namely, transforming vehicles and using the console's GamePad as your targeting screen. "By using two screens, you can see yourself flying on the TV while shooting enemies below you on the GamePad," Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto said during his company's video stream.

He described it as your flatscreen acting as the cinematic camera while the gyro-enabled controller gives you a view of the enemies below. And speaking of that controller, you can use the gyro to move the targeting reticule all around you to spot any enemies that might be on your six. How effective that'll be -- and not to mention how comfortable it'll be -- for long gaming sessions remains to be seen.

The other new addition Miyamoto mentioned was the transforming Arwing. Apparently, changing into different forms (including a two-legged walker) is done with one button and you can go back through cleared levels with different vehicles. It's something that was in Star Fox 2, the legendary game designer said, but since that title never released it's here instead.

As for the name? "It's not part four or part five" and it isn't a remake, hence "Zero."

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