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Amazon's latest Kindle Paperwhite packs text that's twice as sharp


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Don't want to shell out $199 for the Kindle Voyage just to get an Amazon-badged e-reader with extra-crisp visuals? You won't have to after today. Amazon has launched an updated version of the Kindle Paperwhite whose e-paper display touts the same 300 pixels-per-inch density as the Voyage, giving you text that's twice as sharp as on the last-generation model without paying extra for the privilege. You'll accordingly get easier-to-read layouts (including Amazon's in-house font, Bookerly) that take advantage of that slicker screen. The new Paperwhite will ship on June 30th for the same $119/£110 (with ads) as its ancestor, which undercuts Kobo's Glo HD and makes it the sweet spot in the Kindle line. Unless you really want the Voyage's advanced light and touch sensors, this new mid-tier model will likely be enough.

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