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Switching your broadband supplier just got really easy

Matt Brian, @m4tt

When Ofcom announced that consumers can ditch their contract if broadband speeds aren't as advertised, it also said it would also make changing providers even easier. This new "one touch" process comes into effect today, finally putting the responsibility of switching onto the company you wish to join. Under the new system, canceling your contract is a thing of the past (if you haven't agreed to a minimum term) and as long as your new provider requires a BT phone line, like EE, Sky and TalkTalk do, then they will handle the rest.

To ensure you're kept in the loop, both your old and (soon to be) new ISPs are required to send you a letter to tell you the switch is underway. They also have to keep records of your "consent to switch" to ensure you aren't moved without your knowledge. Before, you'd have to notify your ISP that you were leaving, obtain a MAC code and then share it with your new provider, so it's nice to see Ofcom making things extra simple. The good news is that the regulator will soon lay out a similar process for mobile providers, removing the headache of taking out a new mobile contract too.

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