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E.Dams-Renault wins Formula E's first team title


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The all-electric Formula E racing league is on the cusp of finishing its inaugural season, and it's already handing out the first prizes. The E.dams-Renault team has clinched the Formula E's first-ever team title after drivers Sebastien Buemi and Nicolas Prost respectively placed first and seventh in the initial race of the London ePrix, giving the organization a secure lead over Audi. The event wasn't as exciting as others (Buemi took the lead early and held it), but it sets up what should be a fierce rivalry for the driver's title in the last race on June 28th. Buemi is now just a stone's throw away from frontrunner Nelson Piquet -- you can be sure that both EV racers will be determined to finish out in front.

Whether or not it'll be neck-and-neck in the following season isn't so clear. Every team is currently driving the same Spark-Renault SRT_01E car, so no one can claim a technological advantage. That'll change when teams are allowed to build their own powerplants, so you may see certain manufacturers pull ahead in the sophomore season.

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