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Sprint expands in-home sales and support to New York and L.A.


Since not everybody loves going to a phone store, Sprint recently launched Direct 2 You to help you buy or update a handset from pretty much anywhere you want. It must have been on to something, as it just expanded it to four new cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver. In addition, the service is now available to anybody, rather than just existing Sprint clients as before. Essentially, it lets you buy a new device, upgrade from an old one or get customer service from any location you want -- like your home or a ball field -- for free.

The service is also in the carrier's home market of Kansas City and 28 other cities, including Chicago and Miami. It'll soon hit Detroit, Dallas and Washington, D.C., and by the end of the year, the carrier wants to blanket the US with around 5,000 roving support staff. If you're interested, you can call Sprint or visit a special website, then get them to come to your "home, office or coffee shop," according to the company.

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