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'Battletoads' is getting a Comic-Con exclusive vinyl soundtrack


The rumors circling a Battletoads return came to a head at E3 this year with the announcement of the Rare Replay collection, and Microsoft didn't waste its next tradeshow appearance for a chance to capitalize on the hype. Folks roaming San Diego Comic Con can pick up a limited edition soundtrack for the amphibious beat 'em up on a very fitting yellow and green 180 gram LP. If the cover art up above looks a little familiar, that's because it was done by the same artist responsible for Run the Jewels' records, Nick Gazin. The SDCC run is $25, limited to 300 copies and features different art than what'll be sold outside of the show later this year, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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That's not all, either: the folks at iam8bit have a Con-exclusive screen-printed poster featuring all 30 of the games in the Rare Replay. That goes for $50 and could very well be a SDCC exclusive -- the art-minded company hasn't revealed if it'll be sold outside the show just yet.

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